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Mailman has a built-in archival feature that is easily activated and configured by the list manager.

Please note that should you choose to activate the archive function of your mailing list, the amount of disk space available for your archives depends upon the hosting plan you have chosen. With ML Classico, you have up to 10MB of of disk space for archival storage. ML Piccolo includes up to 50MB of disk space, ML Mezzo includes up to 100MB of disk space and ML Grande includes up to 200MB of disk space.



Archive messages? Setting this to "yes" will cause Mailman to store a record of all traffic sent thorough the list.
Is archive file source for public or private archival? If set to "private," then only list members are able to access the contents of the list archive. They will be prompted for their list password when the try to access the contents. Setting this to "public" will allow anyone to access the list archives through the listinfo page.

Note: think carefully about whether your list membership wants their identities and postings made available to the world at large by making the archive public.  Public access means that web spiders will be able to store and make available member's writings outside of the context of the list to which they were posted to the list.

How often should a new archive volume be started? The main archive screen for a list breaks down the archive content based on this setting. There is no best setting here, only what is most appropriate based on the list's function and the amount of traffic that it receives.

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