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Digest Options
These options affect the way that the list will process messages that are to be delivered to subscribers in the form of a digest. Unlike other mail list managers, the digest feature of Mailman is built into the package and it easy to activate and configure.



Can list members choose to receive list traffic bunched in digests? This setting allows you to specify whether or not users can opt to receive mail traffic to the list in the form of a digest.

Note: There are some instances, such as a list for emergency announcements, where you want mail to be delivered immediately in all cases and where you would want to disable the digest feature.

Which delivery mode is the default for new users? This setting specifies whether new users added by the list manager default to regular or digest delivery. Users adding themselves to the list via the listinfo page are given the option to choose for themselves: the options selected here is what will be chosen for them as a default.
When receiving digests, which format is default. Regular will cause Mailman to send plain text digests.  When MIME is selected, the digest message will be sent as a multipart MIME message as appropriate for the content that the message contains.
How big in Kb should a digest be before it gets sent out? Mailman will collect list traffic until this threshold is reached, then it will deliver the digest to users. This setting is useful in preventing digests from containing so many messages that the reader becomes disoriented.
Should a digest be dispatched daily when the size threshold isn't reached? When installed, Mailman is set to run a daily maintenance script. If you check yes for this option Mailman will send a digest at the specified time even though the size threshold (above) has not been reached. This is a good idea for low traffic lists that may take some time in reaching the threshold.

Note: The daily dispatch time is 9:00PM (Pacific).

Header added to every digest. Allows you to add a uniform header to all digests passing through the list.
Footer added to every digest. Allows you to add a uniform footer to all digests passing through the list. The default footer shows the list name, the list address, and the URL that persons can go to in order to access the list information and change their settings.

Note: including this footer information will cut down on the number of times list users will have to contact the list administrator asking for things such as their configuration access information and the like.

How often should a new digest volume be started? When a new digest volume is started, the volume number is incremented and the issue number is reset to 1.
Should Mailman start a new digest volume? Setting this option instructs Mailman to start a new volume with the next digest sent out.
Should Mailman send the next digest right now, if it is not empty? Select Yes and click Submit to have Mailman send the next digest right now (as long as there are messages available with which to create a digest).

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