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Please note that while this particular Mailman feature is operational, its function is not supported by EsoSoft in any way. EsoSoft cannot provide a news server nor information on where to find one. This feature is considered by most to be highly technical and is not for the faint of heart. Please be sure that you know what you are doing before you attempt to use any of these settings.

In the event that you find it useful to gate your list traffic onto USENET, you can use these settings to set up the service. Note that you may need to talk to your system or network administrator to make sure that your news server will work nicely with this list gateway.



The Internet address of the machine your News server is running on. This is the host name of your NNTP server. If in doubt, contact the system administrator for this setting. Make sure to use a host that you have permission to post to.
The name of the Usenet group to gateway to and/or from. Make sure that this newsgroup is available on your news server.
Should posts to the mailing list be resent to the newsgroup? Specifies whether messages sent to the list should be sent to the news group for the entire world to see.
Should newsgroup posts not sent from the list be resent to the list? Specifies whether or not messages posted by people out there in the world who are not members of the list should be gated and distributed to list members.
Should mailman perform a catchup on the newsgroup? This setting tells Mailman to begin gating the newsgroup content to the mail list beginning at the moment that the setting is evoked.  Saying yes will effectively mark all of the previous news postings as having been read, and Mailman will ignore previous postings to the group.

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