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Mailman is multi-lingual. For your list, you can select the languages that you want Mailman to "speak". Add the languages that you'd like Mailman to use in the "Languages supported by list" option. As you add languages to your list, they will be available in the "Default language for this list" option.



Default language for this list. If your list will support more than one language, subscribers will be able to select their preferred language. That preference will be used when the subscriber interacts with the list itself (via the web interface or via e-mail) but obviously does not apply to e-mail posted by list members.

Before a subscriber selects a language preference (or if the subscriber never sets a preference), Mailman will use this "Default language" for all interaction with that subscriber.

As you add languages available for your list with the option below, they will become available for use as the "default" language of your list.

Languages supported by this list. Use this setting to add or remove the list of languages available for your subscribers to select (see above).

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