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Customized Error Pages

Let's face it, no one likes to get those
standard 404 Not Found Error pages. Now you can create your own error pages - with more style.

How Customize Your Error Pages
To Customize your error page simply upload your new error pages to the /etc/error-html directory. The names of the error documents need to be the same as the follows:

Error 400 Bad Request: 400-bad_request.html
Error 401 Auth Required: 401-auth_required.html
Error 403 Forbidden: 403-forbidden.html
Error 404 Not Found: 404-not_found.html
Error 500 Server Error: 500-server_error.html

Note: You do not need to customize all of the error pages. You can customize only the pages you wish and continue using the standard error pages for the other errors.

After you have uploaded your custom error pages to the server, download the sample-htaccess-error.txt (in the your /etc directory) to your computer. Then open that downloaded file with a Text Editor and follow the instructions in the file.

Personal Assistance
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A member of our team will be very happy to assist.

For identification purposes, please write from the e-mail address on-file for your account or include your account's password in your e-mail message.

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