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What is FTP? What Does it Do?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP lets you upload files to your web site or to update the files already stored on the server.

How to Use FTP
FTP is fairly simple to use. When you FTP to your site, you can browse through the available files by changing directories and seeing a listing of all the files available in each directory. You can access your Basic Web Hosting account via FTP for updates to your site. Use the following configuration to access your site:

FTP Server:
Username: Your account's username
Password: Your account's password

Note: Your username and password are case-sensitive.

Once you connect to your site, you can upload new pages and/or changes you have made.

Important: Be sure to place all web content (anything that will be viewed from a web browser) in the /htdocs directory.

If your domain name is not yet pointing to the EsoSoft nameservers, you can connect to your site by using the Server Host name. The Server Host for your Basic Web Hosting service can be found in your Welcome E-mail under Account Information. By using the Server Host as the FTP Server and your account's username and password, you will connect to your account.

FTP Programs
If you do not  have an FTP program, we suggest the following FTP Programs:







Personal Assistance
At EsoSoft, Service and Support are our Top Priorities!

If you need any type of personal assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Service & Support Team at:

A member of our team will be very happy to assist.

For identification purposes, please write from the e-mail address on-file for your account or include your account's password in your e-mail message.

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