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What is MySQL?
MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database management system. MySQL isn't automatically included with your Basic Web Hosting account, but it can be added free of charge.

Request MySQL
If you would like to have the MySQL database installed to your Basic Web Hosting account, please contact our Service & Support Team. They will be happy to install the database.

Also included will be phpMyAdmin, an interface that you can use to administrate your MySQL database.

If you already have a MySQL database installed for your Basic Web Hosting account, you can access the phpMyAdmin interface at

Be sure to replace with your actual domain name.

You will be prompted for your site's username and password to access the above URL.

Personal Assistance
At EsoSoft, Service and Support are our Top Priorities!

If you need any type of personal assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Service & Support Team at:

A member of our team will be very happy to assist.

For identification purposes, please write from the e-mail address on-file for your account or include your account's password in your e-mail message.

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