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Secure Server Option
The Secure Server (SSL) Option can be installed for your account. The secure server is useful for e-commerce, if your customers will submit their payment (credit card) information over the Internet. With the Secure Server Option, all traffic between your customer and our server will be encrypted so that other people can not see the information which is transmitted.

With the Secure Server (SSL) Option, EsoSoft will make a special domain name available to you (  With that domain name, you will not need to obtain your own secure server certificate.

There is an additional $10.00 set-up fee for the Secure Server (SSL) Option as well as an additional $5.00 charge per month.

How do I know whether or not the Secure Server Option is installed for my account?
The Welcome E-mail that you received when your Basic Web Hosting service was activated would have this information. If you no longer have a copy of your Welcome E-mail, you can access it on-line. Please see our Welcome E-mail Tutor.

In the Welcome E-mail, look in the Account Information section. At the bottom of this section there is a listing for Optional Settings. If "Secure Server" is listed, your account already has the Secure Server Option. If "Secure Server" is not listed, then your account does not include the Secure Server Option.

How do I order the Secure Server Option?
Simply request that the Secure Server Option be added by sending an e-mail to our Service & Support Team. Please see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

How to use the Secure Server Option
You do not need to make any changes to your web pages, your web store or your cgi-scripts in order to use the Secure Server Option. You only need to use the secure URL. You can use the secure URL to access any (or all) of your web pages. The secure URL is:

Please note the "s" between "http" and "://". This tells the browser to use secure server mode (SSL).

Example: Assume you have an order form at your site. The URL is:

With the Secure Server Option, you can access that very same order page securely with:

Very same page at your site - just accessed securely.

Please note that when using the Secure Server Option, the traffic between your visitor and the EsoSoft server is encrypted. However, if the "order form" at your site sends the order information to you via e-mail, that e-mail is not secure. If sensitive information is sent via e-mail, there is always a small chance that it could be intercepted by third parties.

An alternative to sending the order information via e-mail would be to have the order form store the information at your web site. Ideally, the information would be stored in a directory at your site that is Password Protected (so that only you can access the information) AND, when accessing that information, you would use the Secure Server.

Example: Your order form is accessed at:

The order form stores the sensitive information in a file named orders.txt located at your web site in a directory named order-info. The order-info directory at your site should be Password Protected so that only you have access.

When accessing the order-info/orders.txt file, you would use a secure URL:

Personal Assistance
At EsoSoft, Service and Support are our Top Priorities!

If you need any type of personal assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Service & Support Team at:

A member of our team will be very happy to assist.

For identification purposes, please write from the e-mail address on-file for your account or include your account's password in your e-mail message.

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