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EsoSoft's Unlimited Bandwidth Policy
Truth be told, there really is no such thing as "unlimited" bandwidth. If any hosting company truly offered unlimited bandwidth, large sites such as Yahoo would sign up with that hosting company and save themselves tens of thousands of dollars each month. If any company does claim to offer completely unlimited bandwidth, that company is either misleading customers, grossly inexperienced, or both.

What we mean by unlimited bandwidth is that we will not put any artificial limits on your account. We monitor all accounts and those that become "bandwidth hogs" will be invited to make other arrangements for their site. This is done to assure prompt service to all of our clients by avoiding the possibility of having our servers swamped by a few extremely high trafficked sites.

This policy was put in place in 1996. Since then, only two web sites have been categorized as bandwidth hogs. Both of those sites are still hosted at EsoSoft -- but they are using our Virtual Server service.

If you are concerned as to whether or not your site would work well with our Basic Web Hosting service, please contact either our Sales Department or our Service & Support Team. They have a wealth of experience and would be more than happy to assist.


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