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Is this transaction secure?

Yes. The order form is located on one of EsoSoft's secure servers. You should see a padlock or other indication in your browser's window letting you know that this is a secure page. Also, you should see https:// (rather than http:// without the s) in your browser's URL window.

Promotion Code: If you are using a Promotion Code, please enter it here.
Payment Period: Please select your desired Payment Period.
Some Payment Periods have discounts as listed.
Some Payment Periods (as noted) may only be selected if you will be paying by credit card.
Payment Method: Please select your desired Payment Method.
If paying by credit card, please complete the credit card information in this section.
If paying by check / money order, the Order Desk will send an invoice via e-mail once your order has been received.
Credit Card Type: Please select the type of credit card which you will use for this order.
Credit Card Number: Please enter the account number of the credit card being used.
Credit Card Expiration Date: Please enter the expiration date (both month and year) of the credit card being used.
Name on Credit Card: Please enter the cardholder name as it appears on the credit card.