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Username: You will use this username to connect to your server via FTP and telnet / ssh.
Please enter a username that is 4 to 10 characters in length.
Password: A good password is one that cannot be easily guessed.
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SSL Secure Server Support?: As an add-on feature, EsoSoft can install support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on your Virtual Server.

Along with the SSL support, EsoSoft will make a special domain name available on your server:

With this URL, any web page on your server can be accessed securely. With this URL, you will not need your own Secure Server Certificate.

Naturally, should you want your own Secure Server Certificate, you can get one and we will install it on your server (provided you have ordered SSL Support). With your own Secure Server Certificate, you'll be able to access any page on your server securely with:

SSL Support is not a standard feature on Virtual Servers. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00 for installing SSL Support. This is in addition to the standard $50.00 set-up fee for the Virtual Server itself.

Would you like the SSL Support for your Virtual Server?
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