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Is this transaction secure?

Yes. The order form is located on one of EsoSoft's secure servers. You should see a padlock or other indication in your browser's window letting you know that this is a secure page. Also, you should see https:// (rather than http:// without the s) in your browser's URL window.

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Server Type &
Please select the type of Virtual Server you are ordering as well as the location for your Virtual Server.

There are two locations available:
- San Jose, California
- Frankfurt, Germany

Prices for each choice are displayed on the order form. For complete details, please visit our Virtual Server information page.

Credit Card Type: Please select the type of credit card which you will use for this order.
Credit Card Number: Please enter the account number of the credit card being used.
Credit Card Expiration Date: Please enter the expiration date (both month and year) of the credit card being used.
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