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Edit the HTML for the Public List Pages
Mailman allows you to customize the look and feel for many of the pages that are accessible by your list subscribers.  This is nice if you want to take the time to "brand" web pages.  The following pages can be customized:

  • The general list information page
  • The subscribe results page
  • The user specific options page

When you follow the link to a particular page you are shown the source HTML in a browser window.  In order to make modification you will need to know how to write raw HTML code and insert it in the proper places in the page source.  It is important to note that within the source there are embedded Mailman fields that are inserted "on-the-fly" when the user loads the page.  You can identify the Mailman fields because they are enclosed in angle brackets and are look like:


It is suggested that you not make modifications to the Mailman field tags.

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