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The topic filter categorizes each incoming email message according to regular expression filters you specify below. If Subject: or Keywords: header of any message contains a match against a topic filter, the message is logically placed into a topic "bucket".

Each user can then choose to only receive messages from the mailing list for a particular topic bucket (or buckets).

Any message not categorized in a topic bucket registered with the user is not delivered.

Note that this feature only works with regular delivery, not digest delivery.



Should the topic filter be enabled or disabled? Setting this option to Yes will turn on the topic filter for your mailing list.
How many body lines should the topic matcher scan? The topic matcher will scan this many lines of the message body looking for topic keyword matches. Body scanning stops when either this many lines have been looked at, or a non-header-like body line is encountered.

By setting this value to zero, no body lines will be scanned (i.e. only the Keywords: and Subject: headers will be scanned).

By setting this value to a negative number, then all body lines will be scanned until a non-header-like line is encountered.

Topic keywords, one per line, to match against each message. Each topic keyword is actually a regular expression, which is matched against certain parts of a mail message, specifically the Keywords: and Subject: message headers.

Note that the first few lines of the body of the message can also contain a Keywords: and Subject: "header" on which matching is also performed.

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