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Nameserver Information
If your domain name was not registered via EsoSoft (in conjunction with your Basic Web Hosting order), you will need to change the nameserver (DNS) information for your domain. This is necessary so that your domain will "point" to the EsoSoft servers.

The nameserver information to use is as follows:



Tertiary (optional):

You need to change the nameserver information for your domain via the domainís Registrar (where you registered the domain). The exact procedure for changing nameserver information differs from Registrar to Registrar. Generally, each Registrarís web site contains a "login" area where you can access your domainís information. It is usually possible to change the nameserver information in that "login" area.

Please Note: If you currently have a functioning web site, you should upload that site to the EsoSoft server before you make the nameserver change to your domain. As soon as you make the nameserver change, that new information will begin to make its way through the Internet. As that new information propagates, more and more visitors will start viewing your site on the EsoSoft server. Please be sure the site is on the server before changing nameservers.

Temporary Address
While waiting for your domain name to function (point to EsoSoft), you can use a temporary URL to view your web site at EsoSoft. The temporary URL for your site was included in the Welcome E-mail sent to you when your service was activated. If you no longer have a copy of that Welcome E-mail, please see our Welcome E-mail Tutor.

Personal Assistance
At EsoSoft, Service and Support are our Top Priorities.

If you have any problems changing the nameserver information for your domain, please contact our Service & Support Team at:

A member of our team will be very happy to assist.

For identification purposes, please write from the e-mail address on-file for your account or include your account's password in your e-mail message.

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