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For detailed assistance and instruction regarding a particular feature of your Basic Web Hosting service, please click on the link below for the topic in question:

Our Most Popular Tutors:

E-mail Settings
POP Account Configuration, E-mail Forwarding, Autoresponders, E-mail Aliases.

Microsoft FrontPage
Definition and Instructions.

Definition and how to connect.

EsoSoft's nameserver information and basic instructions for changing the nameservers for your domain.

Other Tutors (in Alphabetical Order):

CGI Scripts
Definition and Assistance.
CGI Scripts - System Wide
CGI Scripts that are pre-installed on the server.
Contact Information
Why it's important. How to view it. How to change it.
Customized Error Pages
Create customized error pages for your web site.
Directory Structure
What are all these directories in my server space?
Disk Space Usage
How to view the amount of disk space you are currently using.
File Naming
Which web page will display automatically?
Definition and Assistance.
Definition and Assistance.
Password Protected Pages
Password protect web pages at your web site.
Definition and Assistance.
Secure Server Option
Definition and Instructions.
SSI (Server Side Includes)
Definition and Assistance.
Help with your no-telnet access account.
Webalizer Web Stats
Definition and Instructions.
Web Site Counter
Place a "hit counter" on a web page.
Welcome E-mail
How to view the on-line version of your Welcome E-mail.

Personal Assistance
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