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Note to Mailing List Subscribers
The Mailing List Support pages at EsoSoft are intended to be used by owners and/or administrators of mailing lists hosted at EsoSoft. All of the information provided pertains to tasks associated with the administration of a Mailman mailing list.

If you are subscribed to a mailing list hosted at EsoSoft and you need assistance with subscriber issues, please contact the list owner directly. E-mail can be sent to the owner of a mailing list at For example, if you are subscribed to the mailing list, you can reach the list owner directly at

Help for List Owners and Administrators
These support pages assume that you are the list owner (alternately referred to as the list manager, administrator, or moderator). When the list was created you should have received an automatically-generated message with your administrative password and directing you to the URL needed to manage the list through your browser.

You can configure your mailing list and perform all administrative functions on-line. To access the admin interface for your list, use the following URL as an example:

Please be sure to replace "name-of-list" in the above URL with the actual name of your mailing list.

When you access your management settings using your list management page you will be prompted for the password. Once you authenticate to the server you will be shown the General Options page for your list and will also see a listing of the other categories of settings that are available. For all of these categories you will be able to make changes using your browser, but the changes will not go into effect until you go to the bottom of the screen and click the "Submit Your Changes" button. Changes will then be immediately put into effect.

The links on this page will detail each of the settings as they appear in the configuration categories for your list.

Help with the Admin Interface
After you are authenticated by the server, you will be taken into Mailman's General Options screen.  Note that at the top of each of Mailman's configuration screens you will see links to each of the configuration categories. 

For assistance with a particular configuration category, please select the appropriate link below:

    Configuration Categories

Other Administrative Activities

General Options   Privacy Options    
Passwords   Bounce Processing   Tend to pending administrative requests
Language Options   Archiving Options   Go to the general list information page
Membership Management:   Mail <-> News gateways   Edit the HTML for the public list pages


- Membership List   Auto-responder    


- Mass Subscription   Content filtering    


- Mass Removal   Topics    
Non-digest Options        
Digest Options        

Contact EsoSoft
If you have a question about your mailing list that has not been answered by our support pages, please contact our Service & Support Team at

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